During his pre-performance interview on 'American Idol' last night, country star in the making Scotty McCreery opened up about his earliest influence, which is not Josh Turner! In fact, McCreery honed his talent by impersonating the King, Elvis Presley.

The singer's mother is also interviewed and she refers to her son as having been a "chunky monkey" when he was little. The reasoning behind the nickname is apparent as photos show McCreery with big, chubby cheeks. McCreery said he used to be "singing Elvis on the back of the bus ... a lot of kids thought I was weird." He admitted he worked hard at mastering the King's curled lip and swagger.

Shots of McCreery dressed up for Halloween as Elvis, cloaked in a black, open-chest jumpsuit, aviator shades and an inky black wig, flashed on the screen. McCreery's dad said when he would trick or treat and receive candy, his son's response was, "Thank you...thank you very much," mimicking Elvis' signature drawl! Clearly, McCreery had his Elvis impression down to a science. McCreery even mused that perhaps his practice impersonating Elvis is the reason that his voice is so deep.

As his interview ended, McCreery made a simple promise to "stay country, stay me, just push myself." Amen to that.

Watch Scotty McCreery Impersonate Elvis Presley and Perform on 'Idol'