Scotty McCreery will support Brad Paisley on tour in early 2012. While that's a few months away, the 'American Idol' winner and pride of Garner, N.C. is already mentally preparing himself for life on the road with Paisley, a notorious prankster who likes to play extensive, well-conceived practical jokes on his tourmates. Scotty obviously realizes that knowledge is power and is already planning ahead.

According to Billboard, McCreery is ready for whatever Paisley will throw at him. He said, "I've got to keep my eyes open, 'cause [he] is a huge practical joker. I have to make sure I don't get pranked too bad."

But McCreery is not just thinking about preemptive strikes. He might beat Paisley to the punch! "Well ... I've got a couple in my back pocket," McCreery said about the possibility that he could prank Paisley before Paisley gets the chance to prank him. Sounds like this tour is going to be a real good time for all involved.

McCreery knows that Paisley is quite creative with his jokes – just ask Blake Shelton. McCreery admitted, "I've got to think of something good, 'cause he's very unique with his."

The tour with Paisley is a dream come true for McCreery since he can pretty much sing Paisley's entire catalog! "I've grown up listening to Brad, loving his music. I can probably sing every single one of the words to his songs. It's gonna be fun and a learning experience for me. It's gonna be a great time."

McCreery, along with the Band Perry, will hit the road with Paisley beginning Jan. 12. The tour wraps on March 3.