Scotty McCreery made his acting debut -- sort of -- in the April 23 episode of the small screen romantic dramedy, 'Hart of Dixie.' He started off easy, playing himself and performed his own hit ballad 'The Trouble With Girls,' so it wasn't really acting, since he didn't have a role as someone else -- or even a speaking part. McCreery did what he does best: sing!

Of course, we're used to seeing McCreery on the boob tube from his 'American Idol' days, but it was nice to witness him in a different capacity -- like not singing for his survival in a reality competition!

The 'Hart of Dixie' appearance found McCreery in a heated moment between two main characters, but when he took the stage, one of the characters excitedly dropped the intimacy to proclaim, "Scotty McCreery? Holy crap!" His fans tend to have that reaction, too.

The 'American Idol' Season 10 winner showed up casual in 'New Orleans,' sporting a black T-shirt and flashing his million dollar smile while performing the tune in a bar. It was the perfect background music for Rachel Bilson's character Zoe, while she slow danced and shared a smooch with George.

This short-but-sweet TV appearance has us wondering if and when the teen will try his hand at actual acting and take on a scripted role. You never know, right?

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'The Trouble With Girls' on 'Hart of Dixie'