Some fans of Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina may think otherwise, but the two young breakout country stars are not dating. For the record, they're saying that they have never dated. They're both fresh off of 'American Idol,' they're both on the same tour right now, they both have highly-anticipated albums coming out in October -- and the good-natured McCreery and Alaina are both quick to laugh and shoot down any romance rumblings.

"You know, the Lauren Alaina one started from day one, but I can promise you there was never anything there, never will be anything there," McCreery tells Taste of Country as he recalls rumors he's read about himself since first being in the public eye. "We’re good friends, and that’s it. The 'McLaina' thing: It never happened. I know those fans, and they can talk, but there never was anything to it."

"McLaina" is the moniker that supporters have given McCreery and Alaina's supposed relationship, and a term that McCreery likely gets amused by when he sees his fans tweeting about it. "Every now and then there’s some juicy ones on Twitter that I kinda have to cut down real quick," McCreery, whose new single 'The Trouble With Girls' is now at radio, says.

"I heard forever that I was dating Scotty! And that wasn’t true," Alaina confirms to Taste of Country. The 'Like My Mother Does' singer has also heard another good rumor about her love life: "There was an article in a magazine one time that said I was talking to ['Twilight' star] Taylor Lautner."

The American Idols Live Tour wraps this weekend. McCreery releases his debut album 'Clear as Day' on October 4, and Alaina's 'Wildflower' is available on October 11.

In the meantime, check back in with Taste of Country on Friday, September 9 for full exclusive interviews with Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. McCreery opens up about an unreleased song that fans have yet to hear and his vision for his next music video, Alaina dishes on the track that Carrie Underwood wrote for her and the celebrity encounter that she "about had a stroke over," and much, much more.

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