Scotty McCreery's "See You Tonight" served as the proposal song for a pair of lovebirds on a recent Southwest flight, and the award-winning singer hopes he can meet the special couple in person.

In a letter published in the March 2015 issue of Southwest:The Magazine, Greg Freyer writes, “Dear Southwest, I planned to get engaged on a Southwest flight as my girlfriend flew home ‘alone’ after visiting me. I work odd hours, so the day my girlfriend was supposed to leave, I woke her up around 3:30AM to say goodbye and ‘left for the airport.’ I instead drove to the Detroit airport and got on her flight. After takeoff, a flight attendant announced that a debit card with my girlfriend’s name on it had been found. When they handed it to her, ‘See You Tonight’ by Scotty McCreery started playing. I walked up from the back row, took the intercom and proposed!”

McCreery read the sweet story while on a Southwest flight himself, and he was instantly touched by the tale.

“It’s awesome that ‘See You Tonight’ is now their proposal song!" the singer says. "That song was my first Top 10 hit and I loved writing it with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell. It’s already brought me a lot of luck and great memories, and I hope it does the same for Greg and his fiancée."

McCreery hopes that the couple will get in touch with him so he can treat them to a special behind-the-scenes concert experience. "I’d love to give Greg and his fiancée tickets to a show and have them come backstage so we can meet and celebrate their engagement," he says. The singer adds that Freyer can contact his team at so they can arrange the details.

The country star is currently working on new music, with an album expected this year.

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