Scotty McCreery chose his hometown high school as the set for his new 'The Trouble With Girls' video. He also chose which friends and classmates he'd pal around with, and which girl would play his love interest for the song from his new 'Clear as Day' album.

"We're just good ol' friends. We've known each other since kindergarten," McCreery says during a behind-the-scenes special that aired on CMT. The dark haired cutie smiles at him in science class, during lunch and while he's on the pitcher's mound. Director Roman White tried to indicate that more was going on, but it's possible he was just adding drama for fun. It's clear in the video, seen below, that he likes to keep things loose on set.

While McCreery stars in the video, it looks like the extra characters are just as important. The preview shows other high schoolers flirting and toying with each other. Garner Magnet High School comes across as a pretty hip place to study. Pretty much everyone wears Trojan blue, and the teachers let you blow things up during science class. In the preview special, McCreery admitted it was just blue vinegar and baking soda in the science beaker.

The finished video for 'The Trouble With Girls' will be available online beginning on Monday. This Saturday it will air on CMT at 8:45AM ET and Sunday at 8AM ET.

Watch Scotty McCreery's 'The Trouble With Girls' Behind-the-Scenes Video

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