Shania Twain has long talked about her battle with Lyme disease that began back in 2003, and the multiple surgeries she has undergone through the years in order to combat the effects of the tick-borne illness.

Those surgeries also gave her a new voice, and she actually likes it.

“It was little by little because the surgery is invasive,” Twain says in an interview with Willie Geist regarding her voice changing following throat surgery. “It’s given me more room to play, to be honest. I think it’s kind of sexy.”

Twain made the remarks in an excerpt from this weekend’s episode of Sunday Today With Willie Geist, which will air on NBC on Sunday (March 8.)

“I’m never gonna have my own voice again,” Twain says in an exclusive sneak peek of the interview for People magazine. “I’m okay with that. I’ve found a new voice and I like it.”

That new voice will certainly be on display next Friday (March 13), when Twain continues her residency in Las Vegas with a series of shows running at the Zappos Theatre through mid-December.

“It would have killed me not to be able to ever sing again,” Twain told People magazine in a recent interview. “I wasn’t going to let my life be over if I wasn’t going to be able to sing again, but I would have been very sad and I would have mourned that forever. But it is a great love of mine and a passion — that’s what got me back on stage again, because I could. Now I have more appreciation for it than ever.”

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