The journey to locate her elusive voice continues for Shania Twain. On 'Finding My Voice,' the latest episode of 'Why Not? With Shania Twain,' the singer, who is the recent recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, actually makes real progress as she unlearns her bad habits (such as distrusting her voice) and relearns how to sing.

The episode starts off with Twain expressing discomfort at a photo shoot for the cover of her autobiography. Twain is blessed in the looks department, so it's confounding to hear her question her looks when it's obvious that she is drop-dead gorgeous. She talks about aging naturally, and realizes her struggle with self-image, saying, "I think we all are in some ways," regarding image consciousness.

The biggest event of the episode, if not the series, is Twain's Meeting with uber-producer David Foster, who specializes in working with Canadian pop stars like Celine Dion and Michael Buble. Before her meeting with Foster, Twain visits a voice coach who has worked with everyone from Meat Loaf to Katy Perry and she talks about the physical tension she feels in her throat.

When she does meet with Foster, he convinces her to go into a vocal booth and record, which terrifies Twain. She looks as uncomfortable as we've ever seen in this very revealing docu-drama. But guess what? She sounds great. She is proving to be her own biggest stumbling block. Foster even tells her that she is one of the few singers, like Seal and Sting, who can sing a few bars and you instantly know who it is. It is certainly informative, as we watch Foster coach her through vocal patterns and help steer the 'Today Is Your Day' singer in a new direction.

With all of the support -- from her sister, her new husband, a mega producer, a vocal coach and multiple therapists -- Twain is proving to be the only one standing in her way.

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