Shania Twain may soon be joining the ranks of celebrities who display their culinary skills and talent in the kitchen. The singer recently admitted that she's considering her own vegetarian cookbook.

Twain is incredibly passionate about veggies, and her tour rider reflects that, with a request of 10 pounds of carrots! She's been a vegetarian for decades now, but isn't about making others feel badly if they don't make the choices she's made.

Says Twain, "It’s a personal thing. I would never preach vegetarianism."

"It’s such a personal choice," she adds. "It’s got to suit you, and be right for you: emotionally, spiritually and physically. If it’s working for you, that’s really great."

Instead of preaching, the star is considering putting her love for peas into prose -- for education and inspiration. “I think I’m going to do a cookbook to help people. I’ve eaten a lot of other people’s vegetarian food, and it takes a lot of hours in the kitchen getting it right," Twain explains. "I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting, getting it to where it would satisfy a meat eater.”

Twain admits that one of her specialties includes a culinary delight that typically has meat in its base and adorns delicious dishes like mashed potatoes. You guessed it -- gravy.

"I put on a feast at Christmastime. My gravy is really a tasty, savory gravy. I use a morel mushroom rue and a nutritional yeast base for the gravy, and it is so delicious," she shares. “It tastes like a turkey gravy, basically, but it has no animal, and it’s really yummy. Everybody loves my brown gravy at Christmas.”

Hopefully, if she creates a cookbook, her turkey gravy will be included in the mix. Leave it to Twain to make dishes that normally have meat lovers saying 'that don't impress me much' to telling her to 'come on over' for dinner anytime.