Newcomer Sonia Leigh is getting her shot at stardom through the help of fellow Georgian Zac Brown, as she is signed to his independent label, Southern Ground Artists. Leigh's debut single, 'My Name Is Money,' is a tune that was inspired by Brown shortly after she started working with him.

"Before I sang with Southern Ground, I had been in the Atlanta scene for a while, hustling around, trying to make my music happen," Leigh tells Taste of Country. "I didn't really have a lot of money and stuff ... didn't have much of a wardrobe. So I guess Zac noticed that I needed clothes to perform in. When I signed [the record deal], he wrote into the contract for me to pick out some clothes. So I went shopping with his wife and picked out some stuff. I'd never been able to just kind of pick out what I want, so when I got back from that, I immediately picked up my guitar and wrote 'My Name Is Money,' because the whole day I'd been thinking about how money affects everything and what would money say if it could talk."

"I can make a woman weak / I can make a small man stand tall / I can start wars / And I can put an end to them all / I can chain you down and I can set you free / I can make you feel so high and bring you down to your knees," Leigh sings in the lyrics of the opening verse.

"[Money] is a powerful thing," Leigh says. "So it's written from the perspective of turning money into a character."

"My name is Money / Money is my name / Well hello my name is money / Money is my name," she sings in the chorus.

'My Name Is Money' is currently available for a free download through Leigh's website. It is the first single from her forthcoming album, slated for release later this year. Click here to read our exclusive interview with Leigh about working in the studio on the project.

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