"Jack Is Back" isn't a Jekyll and Hyde story, but the way Sonia Leigh sings it, you would be forgiven for thinking as much. The gritty, bluesy, rock-country song introduces the singer-songwriter in a way not yet seen. Did we even know her previously?

Leigh's new single relies on a descending guitar riff and her heavily distorted vocals. She aims for cool and hits a bullseye. "Jack Is Back" captures what happens immediately after a love falls apart. "A bad break up sent me to a very dark place and this record definitely reflects this," Leigh admits. "But we sometimes gotta go through the dark to find the light."

Lyrically Leigh is singing about the end of a relationship with a woman. "I'll knock it down, another round / This train done run off the tracks / I'm overdue for some 80 proof / She's gone but I ain't alone / Jack is back," she hollers at the chorus. "Jack" is a reference to Jack Daniels.

Jack Is Back Cover Art

"Jack is Back" is anything but traditional country. Her phrasing, arrangement and song structure are as much a challenge as creative statement. Fans will either love this 100 percent original style or be scared off by it. Leigh doesn't seem to mind.

"This record is going to do what I have always aspired to do, be true to the song and blaze a new trail," she says. "I love growing, developing stylistically, taking chances, and experimenting with genres. I am not following a code or method."

Listen to "Jack and Black" and you'll agree that's an understatement.

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