Southern Ground's Sonia Leigh has released her second official music video for her current single, 'Bar.' The song follows hot on the heels of her previous hit, 'My Name Is Money,' and now the video is hoping to make a lasting impression on country lovers.

And if fans think they spot a few familiar faces in the video, don't worry. Your mind isn't playing tricks on you! Leigh's record label boss Zac Brown and his band, the Zac Brown Band, make special cameo appearances in the clip, with Brown also lending some vocals to the tune.

Leigh didn't travel far from home to shoot the 'Bar' video. The Georgian chose Atlanta's famous Dixie Tavern, which happens to be the same spot where she and Brown both got their start in music.

'Bar' is the second single from Leigh's debut full-length album, '1978 December,' which she released last year. Fans can pop on over to listen to 'Bar' right here. Leigh is currently on the road with Uncle Kracker and Ty Stone. Visit Leigh's official website to see a full list of her upcoming tour dates.

Watch the Sonia Leigh 'Bar' Video

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