Sonia Leigh

Sonia Leigh, ‘Bar’ – Song Review
Sonia Leigh's new song 'Bar' is rowdy, loud, petulant and everything a Nashville woman isn't "supposed" to be. Which is to say it's the sort of song that will earn the country newcomer on Zac Brown's Southern Ground label a lot of fans.
Sonia Leigh, ‘1978 December’ – Album Review
One expects the artists on Zac Brown's Southern Ground Artists label to be different, if nothing else. Sonia Leigh doesn't disappoint. Her style is a mix of country, soul reggae and blues, and the songs on '1978 December' jump seamlessly from one genre to the next. Much like her …
Sonia Leigh, ‘My Name Is Money’ – Lyrics Uncovered
Newcomer Sonia Leigh is getting her shot at stardom through the help of fellow Georgian Zac Brown, as she is signed to his independent label, Southern Ground Artists. Leigh's debut single, 'My Name Is Money,' is a tune that was inspired by Brown shortly after she started working with …