Steve Azar plays the role of a morale-boosting cheerleader as he and his lover prepare to drive down a 'Hard Road' on his new single of the same name.  The song originally comes from his 2009 album 'Slide On Over Here,' and hopes to follow his recent Top 30 hit 'Sunshine' onto the charts.

The track features a gentle, appealing acoustic-rock sound, and true to its name, keeps things moving forward steadily and constantly. If you're looking for a more famous reference point, think of a less quirky Lyle Lovett and you'll be on the right path.

Speaking of maps and travel, Azar is either literally preparing his companion for a long road trip, or using one of the most time-tested metaphors in all of songwriting to describe an upcoming life adventure of some sort.  Regardless of which, he's optimistic that everything's gonna work out just fine, as he sings in a very soothing voice:

"Ooooooooh, it's gonna be all right / But it's a hard road baby that we're traveling on tonight / Ohhhhh, we're gonna reach the light / But it's a hard road baby that we're moving on down tonight."

According to a recent post on his official website, Azar and his bandmates will be be on the road throughout 2011, touring in support of 'Hard Road' and 'Slide On Over Here.'

Listen to Steve Azar, 'Hard Road'

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