Sugarland member Kristian Bush is trying out his solo wings. The singer-songwriter has released his first solo single, titled 'Love or Money,' in Europe, and he's looking to bring it to his fans stateside.

The top-selling duo are still together, but they're taking a break from recording and touring while Jennifer Nettles spends time with her new baby. But Bush hasn't been sitting around idle; in a note on his website, he explains that he's been involved in the CMA Songwriter's Series in England, as well as the C2C Country Music Festival, and that's how 'Love or Money' came about.

Bush played a solo acoustic rendition of the song during a radio appearance in Ireland, then brought it into the show with fellow tunesmiths Bob DiPiero, Brett James and Chris Young. From there, it snowballed, and Bush ended up performing the song with a full band at the C2C Festival. "It was my first solo gig, at the first country music festival in England," the Sugarland member writes. "When I heard the entire O2 Arena singing the chorus back to me, I knew we were doing the right thing."

Perhaps inevitably, that has led to the song's official release as a single in Europe, and Bush promises his fans in the US, "We are working very hard to find a way to make you a part of this story, too, just as soon as possible."

In the meantime, Bush has shared the 'Love or Money' lyric video for his fans all over the world to enjoy.

Watch the Kristian Bush 'Love or Money' Lyric Video