On tonight's diva episode of 'X Factor,' country singer Tate Stevens served up a terrific version of Shania Twain's 'From This Moment On.' Stevens was atop the leaderboard in fan votes last week, so the country genre is well-represented on this particular reality series. The fact that Stevens chose to sing a country diva's song for this themed episode was also a nice touch and kept country deeply embedded in the show.

We knew it would be, um, interesting for a male country singer to sing a song normally belted by a woman, but he nailed it. The crowd was deafeningly loud with its approval.

Britney Spears said that his vocals are amazing, while Demi Lovato chimed in, "Whoa. You are so good."

Simon Cowell gushed, "This is going to be annoying for me to say, but that was better than last week," referring to the fact that he doesn't want to praise someone who is on his nemesis L.A. Reid's team, since that'd make Reid happy. Those are big words from Cowell, since Stevens was pretty darn good last week.

Cowell continued, "We designed this show with no operation. Regardless of your age, you've got a dream and you've got a talent. This show is going to give you another chance. The winner of this show is going to get $5 million dollars. I'd be happy to write you that check."

Need we say more? That is a major vote of confidence from the normally smug and acid-tongued Cowell.

After his performance, Stevens addressed his wife, who has supported him while he chases his dreams. He told her he loved her. It was certainly an "aww" moment.

With his raspy rendition of Twain's song, we predict that Stevens will remain atop the leaderboard this week, too.


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