At the CRS New Faces of Country Music Show last night (March 1), Florida Georgia Line performed, closing out their set with their No. 1 hit 'Cruise.' That's nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong! While it was an expected and high octane way for Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard to end the set, the performance got a major dose of star power when Taylor Swift "cruised" onto the stage to join the band for an impromptu duet.

With no loud and proud intro, no fanfare and no warning, Swift showed up for the second verse. Wearing a simple and tight black mini dress and knee high boots, Swift looked sexy and she certainly enjoyed herself, performing with the band, sashaying across the stage and rocking out.

It was beyond fun to see Swift perform the band's smash hit, letting her hair down a little and interacting with Kelley and Hubbard as they played their instruments.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer stayed on the stage for the rest of the song. She gave the group a shout-out as the song wound down and hugged the boys before she made her graceful exit. While Swift's country cred has been challenged as she has crossed over into the pop world even more so with her best-selling and pop-leaning 'Red' album, this performance reminded us of just how country she really is.

The impromptu jam was certainly a "Wow" moment and a surprise, one that had to be enjoyed by all the country radio broadcasters who got to see it live and in the flesh. It certainly was for the rest of us who experienced it via YouTube.