Taylor Swift released a limited edition pair of red Keds when her album came out. Now, a print ad featuring the fashionable singer in a pair of classic white sneakers has surfaced, in the Philippenes edition of Cosmopolitan of all places.

In the ad, initially posted here, Swift, who is currently nursing a broken heart and holed up in the studio after her split with One Direction's Harry Styles, is cradling her trusty guitar. You know, her instrument is probably the one thing in her life with which she has the most unbreakable bond and commitment. There's nothing wrong with that, either.

She looks like a classic American girl next door in her full white skirt, red and white striped top and her pristine Keds. She is also surrounded by guitars.

The ad boasts the phrase: "Here's to the Brave Girls," and it's clearly aimed at the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer's younger fanbase. It's encouraging females to follow their dreams and do the unexpected, like pick up a guitar.

Swift's gaze is averted and her hair is pulled back off her face. As always, she looks gorgeous.