The road to the inaugural Taste of Country Bowl puts two of country music's hottest young artists against each other for a first-round matchup that could produce the overall winner. Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes both have very, very passionate fans willing to fight for every last vote.

Take into account music, musicianship, artistry, style and personality in deciding which of these two singers to vote for. A vote for Swift or Hayes is also a vote for their respective fanbases. Which artist has the better team? While the 'Somebody's Heartbreak' singer may not have the catalog of hits that Swift has, Hayniacs could prove they're hungrier for the ToC Bowl title, which will be presented on Feb. 4 -- one day after Super Bowl XLVII.

Voting for all Round 1 match-ups will end on Jan. 13 at 11:59PM ET. You may vote up to once every hour. The winner of this matchup will move on to a quarterfinal competition against either Lady Antebellum or Toby Keith.