Taylor Swift and Keds are both American classics, so it only makes sense that they've partnered up for a multi-year deal, which included a limited edition pair of shoes around the 'Red' release last fall, then expanded into a full range of Swift-branded shoes for the spring.

The relationship has proven successful and symbiotic so far, and Swift has just launched her second complete collection -- this one for fall -- featuring 17 styles in all sorts of prints, colors and finishes. The kicks were inspired by Swift's personal style, which is classic and girly!

"The fall collection is easy to wear with a lot of different looks," Swift shares.

Keds president Rick Blackshaw felt that Swift was the perfect person to rep the brand, with this collection being more personal. He reveals, "We captured the modern take on classic American fashion Taylor is known for by looking to pieces from her own wardrobe for inspiration. From a pearl necklace polka dot print to a really feminine lace overlay inspired by one of her favorite dresses, each shoe reflects a style statement that is uniquely Taylor."

The shoes come in rich, fall-appropriate colors, ranging from red and burgundy to navy, gray and black. There are polka dot prints, florals and bubble shapes, as well. A few pair also boast lace and sequins, for that girly touch.

The fall Keds collection will also include the charms that were featured in the debut collection. Those are a silver heart with Swift's lucky 13 or an antiqued brass guitar pick with a Swift logo in the center. Swift's signature is also stamped on the inner sole.

The shoes will only set you back by $50 to $55 and are available at Keds' site, Swift's site and Nordstrom and Journey locations, and online.