The final scenes of Taylor Swift's new 'Ours' video change the mood of the entire production. Director Declan Whitebloom says Swift was instrumental in setting up a very drab and dreary first few minutes before closing with a vibrant romance.

"It's much more handheld, much more available to light, much more loose and attractive and appealing," Whitebloom says of the final reunion scene, during which viewers learn that the man Swift's character has been sending love notes to has been serving America proudly overseas.

"It's such an epic, romantic place to have a reuniting," Swift says of the airport reunion. Whitebloom and actor Zach Gilford are seen discussing how to approach the cathartic embrace. Whitebloom advises him against prancing into her arms, but there remains a sense of old-fashion adoration.

"I throw my bag to the ground with abandon, and I swing her around like it's the '60s," Gilford says as he waits for Swift's bus to arrive and the filming to begin.

Swift and Whitebloom both leave the set feeling good about the two days they've spent shooting the video. The director even says he thinks the finished product should be good enough to allow him to return the the CMA Awards in 2012. He was nominated for 'Mean' in 2011, but the video lost to Kenny Chesney's 'You and Tequilla.'

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