Sometimes, being one of the most famous faces on the planet isn't all it's cracked up to be. During her interview for the recent cover of Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift got into not one, but two fender benders.

While driving the interviewer around, Swift accidentally backed into a parked car. Apparently, she hadn't learned to use her black Toyota SUV's GPS system yet, and was instead using Google Maps on her iPhone. When she realized she was going the wrong way and attempted to turn around, she hit a parked car.

The incident understandably freaked out the superstar, who exclaimed, "Oh my god!" repeatedly after realizing what she'd done. Luckily, it turns out the parked car belonged to Swift's bass player, Amos Heller.  "I'm gonna pay for it, I promise! I'm good for it!Amos, I'm so sorry," she told him, assuming she'd ruined her red-hot interview, as well. "I freaked out 'cause I went the wrong way and he was gonna think I'm a bad driver and then I backed into another car. This is the worst interview he's ever had, already!"

Later in the day, a Corvette sideswiped the singer's car while they were in motion. "OK, that was my life flashing before my eyes," Swift told the interviewer. "What is this day? This is some strange alternate reality where things just go wrong a lot. That was the second time today! I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!" Thankfully, the rest of the interview seems to have gone smoothly, as did the edgy photoshoot.

A self-confessed worrier, the superstar says she "worries about everything." During her rise to stardom, those worries included her image and what her fans thought of her. Swift has since built a reputation as Nashville's resident good girl: She regularly gives to charitable causes, rarely drinks and doesn't smoke, eschews the sexually-charged lyrics favored by some of her musical contemporaries, seems to prefer spending her time baking treats in the kitchen rather than frequenting clubs.

Only recently has Swift's wholesome image taken an (ever-so-slight) turn as she deserted her trademark prim-and-proper dresses for hot pants in recent performances (and on the cover of Rolling Stone).

The superstar is learning to relax and feel confidence in the trust her fans have in her. “I just gotta take it day by day, ” she says of her reputation, according to PopCrush. “I don’t think anyone is ever truly viewed as only one thing, as only good, as only well behaved, as only respectful. In the beginning, when there would be a tiny news story about something that wasn’t true, I thought that meant my fans weren’t gonna show up to my next concert. But now, knock on wood -- I feel like my fans have my back and I have theirs."

And Swift knows she can’t always be the good guy. “It’s just part of the dynamic of a good story,” she explains. “Everybody is a complicated character.”