When Taylor Swift says she's "obsessed" with something, we should all take note -- and as far as this video is concerned, T. Swift is spot on. It's an acoustic mashup of two songs from her new '1989' album, and the rendition is one you'll be watching again and again.

Louisa Wendorff is a Nashville singer-songwriter who uses her YouTube page to share her love of music with the world. She has original songs as well as covers, including some of Sam Smith, Beyonce and even Vance Joy, but it's one clever mashup in particular that caught the attention of Ms. Swift -- and for darn good reason.

Wendorff called on her friend Devin Dawson to join her for the acoustic video. The visual starts with Dawson and Wendorff standing back to back. He begins singing Swift's song, 'Style,' with just his acoustic guitar and is followed moments later by Wendorff singing Swift's current pop single, 'Blank Space.'

Eventually, the two join together to sing, and the result is stunning. The duo's voices complement one another, turning Swift's new pop tunes into something serene and beautiful. Wendorff and Dawson strip them down to just lyrics and a guitar -- it's as simple as it gets.

When Swift herself saw the mashup, she was ecstatic. She tweeted simply the link and the word "obsessed" to convey her feelings.

Now that the superstar has publicly declared her love, Wendorff's video is getting the attention it deserves.

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