The fourth video from Taylor Swift's behind the scenes of 'Ours' series focuses on one thing: location. The 'Ours' video was filmed in the Nashville area -- and though it's only a four-minute long video, Swift and the crew hit an office building, a house, a public bus and even Nashville's airport to shoot scenes that wound up in the final product. In fact, the singer states that the airport was actually closed for their use.

"Basically, we have shut down this airport," Swift says in the clip below. "We've controlled the traffic ... I mean, the actual airport's been so amazing. We have all these people walking through; they're all our extras. It's crazy to have this big of an airport just let us shoot here."

The bus that brings Swift to the airport is one of Nashville transit's own, just filled with extras. As for the office: Director Declan Whitebloom unabashedly calls it "a truly grim place" with no personality. He explains, "Everything has been specifically chosen to make this office the worst office you've ever been to." In contrast, the starter house that is seen in the video brings in plenty of warmth and color to go along with the storyline of her character's home life.

Watch webisode four (of 13, with a new installment being posted daily on Taste of Country) of Swift's 'Ours' series here to get an idea of the work that goes into making a video. Plus, don't miss the sweet moment that she says was the highlight of the video shoot.

Watch the Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes 'Ours' Clip - Webisode Four

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