The Bachelor stars Peter Weber and Madison Prewett have called it quits, but if you’ve been keeping up with the show, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The couple revealed the news in posts to social media on Thursday (March 12), just days after revealing that they were trying to date in the real world after the end of the show.

But looking back at all they've been through, it might have been more shocking if they didn't break up.

The back-and-forth of their relationship first surfaced when Madison asked Peter not to head to the fantasy suite with the other two women who remained on the dating show if he really loved her. As you can guess, Peter didn’t listen, and therefore caused Madison to not feel valued. With swirling emotions, Madison couldn’t decide if she needed to send herself home, but Peter begged her to stay. She ended up making it to the final two, where she had the opportunity to meet Peter’s family.

That's where things got even tougher for the couple, as Madison clearly didn't make a great impression on Peter's family.

During that cringe-worthy interaction, Madison stood firm and defended her morals as Peter’s mother, Barbara, came at her with conflicting thoughts. She let Madison know she doesn’t want anyone to change her son, and felt as if the couple’s lifestyles didn’t align. Bachelor Nation watched the jaw-dropping drama unfold as Barbara let Peter know Madison wasn’t the one for him and that he should choose the other remaining contestant, Hannah Ann.

After that tension-filled family reunion, an overwhelmed Madison sent herself home as she realized their lifestyles might be a bigger mountain to overcome than she originally realized.

Nope, don’t think it stops there! Peter proposed to Hannah Ann, but then broke it off because of his longing love for Madison.

Madison and Peter appeared on “After the Final Rose” on Tuesday (March 10) and seemed to still love each other, and wanted to take their relationship day by day. However, the internet has since erupted after witnessing Barbara's demeanor during the live show. Clearly not a fan of the two together, she ripped Madison to pieces, letting her know in order for Madison to win, she’d have to fail. In other words, she’d need to not date her son to win Barbara’s heart. This was in front of a live audience!

After Barbara’s behavior, it would have been a shock if Madison decided to stay immersed in that situation. Bachelor Nation stuck up for Madison and vocalized how terrible Barbara’s actions were. Therefore, the fact that the couple aren't dating is almost a sigh of relief felt by many. Some fans turned to social media to express those thoughts:

We wish Peter, Madison, Hannah Ann, and scary Barbara Weber nothing but the best.

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