Before the Band Perry took the stage at the 2013 ACM Awards on Sunday, Neil Perry issued a bit of a memo while being interviewed on the red carpet, warning that the performance would "definitely be the most dangerous performance of the night." His tongue was likely tucked firmly in his cheek, since we never felt unsafe while watching Neil and his siblings Kimberly and Reid perform their new single, 'Done.' It was, however, one of the most fun, high octane performances of the evening.

If Neil Perry was talking about dangerously electric energy levels, well, we'll give him that much. TBP's performance crackled with intensity -- so much so that it felt like the trio stuck their fingers in electrical sockets before hitting the stage.

Kimberly was particularly wild, and even dropped to her knees during the fiddle solo. But that wasn't even the craziest or most fun part of their set. There was synchronized dancing, with the Perrys and their band busting some serious moves in perfect time with one another. Color us impressed.

There was some fire onstage and sparks falling from the sky, and Kimberly looked better than ever while wearing a fashion-forward black dress and booties. Those heels were dangerously high for a girl who was jumping up and down while singing, so that may have been the element of danger Neil spoke of. We're glad she didn't break her neck.

The Band Perry were certainly on fire with their stage vibe and a bit of pyro!

See the Band Perry Sing 'Done' at the 2013 ACM Awards

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