This week, the Band Perry head overseas for their latest tour of the U.K. While the trip isn't the sibling trio's first time playing for their international fans, it will feel just as special this time around -- if not moreso, given that their upcoming concerts are sold out.

"We're just getting to know the international community," Kimberly Perry tells Taste of Country. "A big goal of ours this year is to begin to collect fans overseas. We've certainly have spent some time up in Canada, but we had 36 hours on the ground our first stint over to the U.K. It was really, really amazing."

This latest run includes stops in Dublin, London and Scotland -- all of which are already sold out. "For us, it's just a cool experience to play in another country across the ocean," notes Reid Perry.

"It's such a fertile ground, really, for country music, because they don't have a ton of it over there," adds Kimberly. "They're huge country fans, and in some ways I feel like the genre lines are all blurred and they're just into really good music. I feel like a country song coming out of our community in this town is better than nine out of 10 songs on pop radio. I just love the country songwriting craft. That's really what speaks to those over in the U.K."

The Band Perry will head overseas once more later this year with Brad Paisley on his Virtual Reality Tour. Click here to see a full list of the Band Perry tour dates -- both in the states and overseas -- throughout the year.