With a tour named We Are Pioneers and an electrifying performance to kick off the ACM Awards, it's easy to assume country trio the Band Perry is fearless. But even the best battle their demons, and the sibling group is opening up on how they busted through their fear while making their current record, 'Pioneer.'

“In different phases of this journey and making the record, [fear] was our best friend, other times it was our creative arch enemy, but it was always our teacher,” says frontwoman Kimberly Perry.

“And I think the one thing that we really had to learn, when we were just putting one foot in front of the other as we would write a new song, as we were making decisions, was just to bust right through the fear.”

She acknowledges that the mindset isn't limited to their music career, either. It can be helpful in pretty much any situation -- especially when you're scared, and she advises fans to take on the same focus.

“But the way we’ve always operated in the Band Perry was with boldness. So we really had to get gut-level honest in the very beginning and just say, ‘What are our priorities here?’ And we have to keep doing things and making decisions in the way that we always have -- never second-guessing, going with gut.”

Their gut and tenacity certainly paid off (literally and figuratively). Country fans welcomed 'Pioneer' with open arms and it features some incredible songs, like 'Done,' 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely,' and their new single, 'Chainsaw.'