When some unkind person or persons in Edmonton stole a bicycle from the Band Perry's Neil Perry earlier in the week, other city residents were quick to act, giving the youngest Perry a replacement bike so he could enjoy his free moments on the band's current tour.

Neil Perry's bike was apparently stolen in the town, presumably while the band were there for their Monday (September 21) show with Keith Urban. Now, before you say "oh, boohoo," or "he can easily afford a new one," keep in mind personal time is at a premium for touring bands, and it's not like Perry can take the tour bus over to the mall by himself.

A bicycle can be an exercise and mental health landline for a touring artist, who frequently has to balance early morning radio appearances and late-night concerts in addition to long road trips every day.

Luckily, a local sporting goods store and radio station teamed up to get Perry a new set of wheels. As the band announced via Twitter, Perry and his bandmates were quite grateful, announcing, "Big thanks to Canadian Tire of Sylvan Lake and KG Country who made his day by presenting him with this new bike!" We just hope someone thought to spring for a nice lock as well!

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