Yesterday morning (June 1), the Band Perry performed on the 'TODAY' show, kicking off the weekend in fine, country fashion. They treated the crowd to their multi-format smash 'If I Die Young' and latest single 'Postcard From Paris,' along with 'All Your Life.' They looked like they enjoyed serenading Manhattanites on a gorgeous morning, no doubt made sunnier by Kimberly Perry and her bright disposition.

During the interview segment, the siblings shared one of the secrets to their longevity, as they've been making music for 14 years. They revealed it's crucial to always have each other's back. The Perrys also said that respect, as opposed to politeness, is a key to their success.

The threesome also spoke about recording their upcoming second album, with Kimberly revealing, "We're about halfway finished recording. Our producer is Rick Rubin, who were are so, so blessed and excited to work with."

She copped to a little bit of fear about the famed "sophomore slump," which happens when bands with mega-successful debuts stumble a bit on the follow up. She admitted, "We definitely had the sophomore jitters. You hear about sophomore slumps, but we're buckling down and writing the best and most honest songs we can."

We're confident that the sophomore slump won't affect this talented trio.

The band turned in a gorgeous live rendition of 'If I Die Young,' and before launching into 'Postcard From Paris,' Kimberly Perry called it a summer song and had the crowd waving their arms in the air.

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