When The Voice returned on Monday night (Oct. 9), Reba McEntire was the only coach left with a block, and she wasn’t messing around.

Looking to add more talent to her roster, the country legend knew it was her time to try and snag a highly sought-after contestant for her team. After Brandon Montel took the stage and began delivering H.E.R.'s "Hard Place," McEntire knew what she had to do.

She had to give herself the best chance at adding the impressive talent to Team Reba by blocking her fellow judge John Legend.

By the end of his time onstage, Montel was able to get all four of the judges' chairs to turn, and once it was time to hear their feedback, it was also time to hear from the blocked judge.

Instead of accepting a consolation pat on the back from the "Fancy" singer, Legend playfully waved it off and let his feeling be known; "I can't look. Get away from me."

McEntire laughed, scurried away back to her chair and mouthed "I did that" a couple of times just to make sure everyone knew who was responsible.

Gwen Stefani applauded the strategic move of McEntire blocking legend and got the crowd to start chanting “Reba!” While it originally seemed like Stefani was going to try and help McEntire's blocking mission, the pop starlet began pleading her own case to Montel.

When all was said and done, McEntire’s block wasn’t enough to persuade Montel to join the redhead's team. Instead, the young hopeful decided to put his trust in Stefani.

“I chose Gwen because I believe she can bring that artist out in me, bring me out of my shell completely,” explained the hopeful.

While McEntire admitted her block seemed to be for nothing, there is still plenty of time for the country legend to continue building her team. The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC.

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