For Thomas Rhett, "Home Team" means more than friends and family. It's more than just his fan club. It's a mindset and a lifestyle, and recently, a symbol that he was on the right track with songs from this new Tangled Up album.

Rhett’s uncle, Eli Akins, started the Home Team concept while battling Leukemia. The singer says it kept his uncle thinking positively, but became something much bigger. A full explanation at describes that it’s a feeling and a mindset, and — most importantly — about keeping your head up and moving forward.

“We are aware of speed bumps in this life, but at these times your mind, heart, spirit and soul continue to expand forward; representing Home Team,” the official Home Team manifesto reads. “Ask yourself this question, if you don't have Home Team, what do you have? And remember in your answer, You are Home Team as We are Home Team.”

Eli Akins has been in remission for 15 years, and his brother, iconic songwriter Rhett Akins, is partially to thank, as he donated bone marrow.

For Thomas Rhett, his fans embody the team. Each town he plays in is his home base for the night, and the crowd is his home team. “It’s their town. It’s their club, it is their arena, it is their stadium. Their money, their time and their show. And they? They are the home team," the singer explains.

He’s playing for them each night, and they are part of what moves his creative mind forward.

During a recent vacation to Hawaii, the “Die a Happy Man” singer and his wife came across a stop sign with a Home Team sticker slapped on the back. Uncle Eli created and distributed the stickers to spread good vibes, and here one was, thousands of miles away in a most unlikely spot. Watch Rhett and wife Lauren’s reaction to the discovery in the adorable video above.

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