Thomas Rhett's 'Make Me Wanna' brings a fun and funky new sound from a relative newcomer who is quickly solidifying himself as a country mainstay. It's the fifth single off Rhett's debut album, 'It Goes Like This,' and with a smooth jazz vibe, 'Make Me Wanna' is like nothing else currently on country radio.

Thematically, 'Make Me Wanna' fits comfortably in classic country music. The lyrics, about a boy loving a girl so much that she makes him just a little bit crazy, have been sung in one form or another many times before.

"Windows down, country sound, FM on the radio / Just me and you and the man on the moon / Cruisin' down some old back road." Rhett sings on a midnight drive with his love. "Now baby don't you look at me that way / 'Cause you know there's only so much I can take."

But while the lyrics may sound a bit too much like what's already out there, the melody makes up for it ten times over. The Bee Gees-inspired tune features staccato drum and piano undertones that echo famous disco hits like 'Stayin Alive,' but with a perfect blend of twangy guitars to keep the song's sound just true enough for any pure country fan. Add to that Rhett's unmistakably solid voice, and you've got a new single that will fit just as well in a '70s disco club as a Nashville honky tonk.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Make Me Wanna' has a funky disco sound that is unlike anything out there at the moment. It's fun to listen to and just as much fun to dance to!

Key Lyrics: "You make me want to / Pull this truck to the side of the road / Slide on over, let me hold you close / And tell you everything I'm thinking / Hop on out and let the tailgate fall / Get drunk on you with no alcohol / If you don't stop I'm gonna / Girl you make me wanna."

Did You Know?: Rhett actually wrote 'Make Me Wanna' more than three years ago, but says he still has yet to get sick of it. Fans will probably feel the same!

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