With "T-Shirt," Thomas Rhett again proves that nobody sings young love better than he does. Every single love song he’s released from his first two albums recalls a honeymooner’s excitement. The lascivious tension is palpable.

"T-Shirt" is sexy but not dirty, funky but still country, and catchy but not corny. Rhett’s found a groove, and he’s pulling us all into it one irresistible song at a time.

Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally co-wrote "T-Shirt," the third single from Rhett’s Tangled Up album. The song is his version of playing it safe, because if he really wanted to scare traditionalists he’d have released “Vacation” or “I Feel Good” to radio. That’s no knock on this rhythmic hit — lyrically it’s stronger than those mentioned. It will soak in and refuse to be squeezed out.

The second verse is the one that will really have grandmothers fanning their faces. We’ve all been there, be it one, three, ten or 20 years ago. Rhett lets fans see just enough of his relationship to wife Lauren to make it feel like he was that guy last night. "T-Shirt" touches something everyone yearns for.

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Thomas Rhett, "T-Shirt" Lyrics:

"Get off of work and we meet down at our spot / We had a patio with a view of a parking lot / It was two for one and four for two / Had Christmas lights in the middle of June / All hung up like I was on you / I say ‘Hey hey baby do you wanna come over’ / You say ‘No way’ then you move in closer.”

“Next thing I know you’re in my t-shirt / Right there, your hair messed up like a Guns N Roses video / Ooh ooh so hot / Still got it up in my head, you were moving around in the TV light / I ain't ever seen anything like / Your dress, my floor, the way you wore, my my t-shirt.”

"We walking up the stairs with the neighbors saying ‘Keep it down’ / But it's hard to unlock the door when you're making out You know what I'm sayin' / You've been saying that we've gotta quit doing this / So why you leaning in for one more kiss / And pretty soon your sliding off what you've got on and slipping into my …”

“Oh no baby no I can't lie / Sure look good in my t-shirt / Oh no baby no I can't lie / You look good oh my my / I said ‘Hey hey baby do you wanna come over’ / You say ‘No way’ then you move in closer / Next thing I know you were wearing my t-shirt / Oh you look just so dang hot in my T-Shirt.”

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