Tim McGraw is still searching for greener pastures. The iconic country singer is seeking to cut ties with his record label, Curb Records, once and for all, just so he can have the freedom to get new music to his patiently waiting fans. McGraw and Curb will go face to face in court starting Tuesday to hopefully find a resolution.

Unfortunately, the full trial won't run until July, but in the meantime, McGraw and his attorneys are asking that he be allowed to record new music with a different label. Court records state that next week's two-day hearing will "first make a final determination on whether or not Curb is entitled to prevent Mr. McGraw, by injunction or otherwise, from recording for other entities other than Curb." If his wish is granted, McGraw will release new music in 2012, which he is eager about. Just a few weeks ago, he commented, "I’m really just starting to figure out what I want to do and the music I want to make. I’m only about 30 per cent into my career. It’s been foothills until now."

The hearings next summer will sort out the suit that Curb filed in May, which states that McGraw breached contract when he recorded his 'Emotional Traffic' album too soon after the previous release. The singer, on the other hand, feels -- and has felt for a long time -- like he's cuffed by the label, and countersued that that he's being held in "involuntarily servitude" in the sense that there is too long in between new releases. McGraw signed a five original album deal with Curb almost 20 years ago.

'Emotional Traffic' still has not been released, though the singer has already seen success from a single and a tour in support of it.

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