What seemed like an honest request turned out to be a hilarious prank on one unsuspecting stagehand on the 'The Ellen DeGeneres' show on Tuesday (Feb. 5). The guy was just supposed to tune Tim McGraw's guitar, but had to sit through the singer's moans and groans, awkward stretches, positive affirmations and uncomfortable declarations. "I'm not wearing underwear," McGraw announces at one point.

That's after he flexes his abdominal muscles in the guy's face and declares: "It's like a muscle jacket." That it is. Meanwhile, the poor guy just keeps turning the tuning knobs, doing his job with an awkward smirk on his face as McGraw makes the room more and more uncomfortable.

By the end of the hysterical video, the two are whispering positive affirmations to the "nervous" singer. Finally, McGraw -- whose new album 'Two Lanes of Freedom' is in stores as of Feb. 5 -- lets the poor guy in on their joke. The host and her audience (okay, and us) are in fits laughing long before then.

While on the show, McGraw also scored a whole lot of Ellen underwear to wear beneath his too-tight jeans and opened up about being sober.