Tim McGraw didn't write his new single "How I'll Always Be," but it sure seems like he did. The singer admits the third radio release from his Damn Country Music album paints a picture of his hometown.

"It was very reminiscent of my hometown, where I grew up," McGraw tells Taste of Country. The star is from Start, La. "There was a cotton gin in my hometown. I worked in bean fields and cotton fields and rice fields as a kid. Some of my earliest memories were sort of that visual of that song."

“I’m a fan of chert rock boucin’ off a Chevy fender / That feelin’ that you get first time she lets you kiss her / Rusty roofs that rattle when the rain is fallin’ down / Handshake deals, fresh cut hay field’s and corn bales," McGraw sings during the second verse.

Images of townsfolk, his best friends and his family came flooding back when he first heard the Jeremy Stover, Chris Janson and Jamie Paulin-penned track. It's a song the 49-year-old says he couldn't have cut 10, or even five, years ago. It's about knowing who you are, and like "Humble and Kind," it's one that's unique to who he is right now.

“Both of those songs sort of really fit where I am musically, sort of my career, my life,” McGraw says. The singer closed WE Fest 2016 in Detroit Lakes, Minn. on Aug. 6. In addition to talking about his current music, he admitted he's been in the studio working on a new album, as well as doing some voiceover work and finishing up work on The Shack, a movie he's set to co-star in next year, per IMDB.

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