New label, same sound for Tim McGraw. His new single 'One of Those Nights' falls in line with the soaring ballads from the singer's last half-decade. The song's production value battles the simplicity of the storyline during this just-released-to-radio cut from the upcoming 'Two Lanes of Freedom' album.

Lyrically, 'One of Those Nights' packs heat. McGraw's words instantly come to life to paint a familiar picture we've all relived a time or two.

"She's gettin' dressed up / Puttin' on that lipstick / Shimmy-shakin' right into them cutoffs baby oh yeah / You're getting off work / Cashing out that paycheck / Gotta change that shirt and pick that girl up on her front step," McGraw sings to start the song.

The best lyric comes late, just before the final cathartic chorus:

"Full moon through a crack in the windshield / You'll hold her close and you'll never forget how her heartbeat feels / No, you never will," he bellows sings. Kudos to the songwriters on a fine line.

The innocence of the story is tempered by heavy chords and sweeping steel guitars that flood the song with a tidal wave of emotion, when a simple summer shower would suffice. McGraw certainly sounds refreshed on this new song from a new record label partner, but much like songs late in his career with Curb, it feels like an attempt is made to make every moment a huge moment. One pines for the understated beauty of 'Just to See You Smile' or 'Where the Green Grass Grows.'

"She picks a song you turn it up to 11 / You say do you wanna and she says hell yeah / You hit the party all your buddies are jealous / Someday you'll be looking back at your life at the memories / This is gonna be one of those nights," he sings during the chorus.

The arrangement on McGraw's 'One of Those Nights' doesn't match the lead character's nervous excitement as he finds new places and new ways to enjoy his time with the cutie in the passenger seat. A strong vocal performance overcomes this somewhat, but to producer Byron Gallimore: we'd recommend turning down the grandeur a bit.

3 Stars

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