A country song can help express emotions that often can be hard to speak, especially when it comes to choosing father daughter wedding songs to dance to. When it’s time for dad to let his little girl go, he may struggle to find the right words to say, so Taste Of Country is offering dad a little assistance with our list of the Top 10 Father Daughter Wedding Songs. From ‘My Little Girl’ by Tim McGraw to 'Ready, Set, Don’t Go' by Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, we’ve got some song suggestions to help you on that special day.

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    'Butterfly Kisses'

    Raybon Brothers

    This song first came to life in 1997 on the adult contemporary and Christian charts, thanks to co-writers Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas. ‘Butterfly Kisses’ was an instant hit, and the Raybon Brothers were tapped by MCA Records to sing the 'country' version. Led by Marty Raybon, former lead vocalist of Shenandoah, the song became a Gold-selling single, and has been a father daughter wedding song favorite ever since.

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    'Thanks Again'

    Ricky Skaggs

    In 1988, Ricky Skaggs delivered a very simple acoustic hit that was an ode to his parents, titled ‘Thanks Again.’ The song takes the listener on a journey through life while thanking Mom and Dad every step of the way -- "for takin’ me fishin’ and flyin’ my kites/ And tuckin’ me in, yes, night after night / To my beautiful lifelong friends, hey Mom and Daddy thanks again." The song is a timeless message that any parent would love to hear as a song for fathers and daughters at a wedding.

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    'Ready, Set, Don’t Go'

    Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

    It was an obvious pairing in 2007, when one of the nation’s most well-known father and daughter celebrity pairs actually recorded a song about this topic. At the height of their popularity as stars of the 'Hannah Montana' television show, they collaborated on ‘Ready, Set, Don’t Go.’ As their rocky relationship has played out in the public, this song is a reminder that at one point, they seemed to have the perfect family connection.

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    'My Wish'

    Rascal Flatts

    Rascal Flatts released ‘My Wish’ in 2006, and it’s become one of their most popular songs. "While you’re out there gettin' where you’re gettin' to / I hope you know somebody loves you," they sing. These lyrics are sure to fill the minds of fathers prepping their daughters for life’s next journey. In addition to making our list of the best father daughter wedding songs, this one could fit many other occasions in one's ife.

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    'I Hope You Dance'

    Lee Ann Womack

    ‘I Hope You Dance’ contains lyrics that you would wish upon anyone that you care about. In 2000, this song soared up the country and pop charts, touching the hearts of millions and helping to celebrate many of life’s milestones. The song’s message is a great backdrop for a father to share that special dance with his daughter on her wedding day.

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    'Daddy’s Little Girl'

    Kippi Brannon

    Kippi Brannon has recorded for two major record labels, but has failed to have any mainstream chart success. Brannon was lucky that brides discovered her song ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ as a song for their father daughter wedding dances. Although the tune peaked at a modest No. 42 on the Billboard charts, it was a big seller in record stores in 1997. The perfect lyrics for that special day make this song a perfect fit at No. 5 on our list of the top father daughter wedding songs.

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    'Daddy’s Hands'

    Holly Dunn

    Holly Dunn placed ‘Daddy’s Hands’ on the charts in 1986 and recorded nine more Top 10 hits. However, she retired from music to pursue her other passion for making art. Dunn is serious about her new career, as her art catalog is represented by the Northern New Mexico Art Catalogue. Although she has stopped performing, this song will never stop playing at wedding receptions.

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    'Tough Little Boys'

    Gary Allan

    Gary Allan, one of the most masculine singers in country music, showed his sensitive side in 2003’s ‘Tough Little Boys.’ His emotional delivery of the lyrics "When tough little boys grow up to be dads / They turn into big babies again" reminded other fathers that they shared the same feelings when they gave their daughters away on their wedding day.

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    'My Little Girl'

    Tim McGraw

    Tim McGraw, the father of three daughters, co-wrote this song right from the heart! ‘My Little Girl’ was featured in the closing credits to the family-oriented movie 'Flicka,' which also starred McGraw. In addition to being a Top 5 hit on the Billboard charts in 2006, the song also inspired a children’s book -- and it's a fitting choice for our list of the top father daughter wedding songs.

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    'I Loved Her First'


    In 2006, Heartland shot to No. 1 on the Billboard country charts with ‘I Loved Her First.’ The song was recorded on an independent label, Lofton Creek, and the Huntsville, Ala. group beat the odds and landed a big radio hit with their first single. Although the song will live on forever thanks to its popular demand at as a father daughter song at weddings, the band is considered a one-hit wonder,’ with no other charting records.