Lauren Alaina quickly became a judge favorite and then a fan favorite with her songs during season 10 of 'American Idol.' There was only one week that Alaina seemed in danger of being sent home, although there were weeks she didn't do as great as she'd hoped. In anticipation of her debut album, 'Wildflower,' we looked over each performance the Georgia girl gave us, from her first audition to her tearful rendition of 'Like My Mother Does' during the show's finale, and selected the Top 10 Lauren Alaina Songs From 'American Idol.'

Most of Alaina's best moments came late in the competition. As much as any contestant, her performance seemed to depend on confidence. When she was feeling shaky, she would miss notes or appear lost onstage. But during those moments that she felt like the strongest woman on the planet, we got more than a glimpse of the talented singer she's destined to be. Of course, you may disagree with some of these selections. Feel free to share your favorite moments in the comments section below.

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    'Before He Cheats,' Carrie Underwood

    Air Date: May 25, 2011

    Carrie Underwood's energy and star power was a little intimidating for the young Alaina, and she never matched the original country 'American Idol' winner's energy during their duet. Vocally she held her own, but Underwood made the most of having performed the song a couple of hundred times. It was still beautiful to see Alaina singing with her hero, which is why this song begins the Top 10 Lauren Alaina Songs From 'American Idol' list.

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    'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing,' Aerosmith

    Air Date: January 27, 2011

    Alaina chose Faith Hill's 'Like We Never Loved at All' for her audition song, but was encouraged to perform judge Steven Tyler's hit when she mentioned it was her parents' song. With Mom and Dad standing behind her, Alaina confidently traded vocals with Tyler. He was her biggest supporter the rest of the way. The 15-year-old gave this encore performance during the Hollywood Round

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    'Anyway,' Martina McBride

    Air Date: May 11, 2011

    Despite later performing the song with Martina McBride at the CMA Music Festival, this was not Alaina's best moment on the show. Throughout Season 10 she proved that big, soaring choruses fit her voice perfectly. That describes just about every McBride song, but 'Anyway' has been her biggest hit in recent years. Her performance suffered from the truncated version producers threw together. The eventual runner-up managed to make the most out of a bad arrangement, however, and it still makes our list of the Top 10 Lauren Alaina Songs From 'American Idol.'

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    '(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,' Aretha Franklin

    Air Date: April 6, 2011

    Judge Randy Jackson praised Alaina but admitted it wasn't the best rendition of the song they'd heard over the 10 seasons of 'American Idol.' Maybe not, but this song announced that Lauren Alaina the little girl had left the building, to be replaced by the confident young woman that soon would prove hungry for the 'American Idol' title.

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    'Unchained Melody,' The Righteous Brothers

    Air Date: May 7, 2011

    There's not much from Alaina's April performances on this Top 10 Lauren Alaina Songs From 'American Idol' list. When May began, however, she found the magic that would send her into the final rounds. Six songs from the competition's final month make the list, including this stunningly gorgeous rendition of the Righteous Brothers' iconic hit. She was an absolute angel during this performance.

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    'I'm the Only One,' Melissa Etheridge

    Air Date: March 16, 2011

    Alaina wasn't feeling her best before performing this Melissa Etheridge hit, but we sure couldn't tell. About halfway through she shook her hair lose, and with it seemed to go all her hesitations and insecurities. She had fun with this song, and although she didn't consistently bring the same energy week after week, this 'American Idol' performance let fans know early on what she was capable of. "Have a cold every week,' Steven Tyler suggested as she finished the song.

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    'If I Die Young,' The Band Perry

    Air Date: May 18, 2011

    This was a brilliant song choice by Jimmy Iovine. Alaina was able to carry the song's innocence without even having to think about it. This left her free to focus on the lyrics, which she sang splendidly. Kimberley Perry will forever own this song, but Alaina gave it a great effort at a critical time in the competition. Few can argue this song does not belong on the list of Top 10 Lauren Alaina Songs From 'American Idol.'

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    'Flat on the Floor,' Carrie Underwood

    Air Date: May 4, 2011

    Of the Carrie Underwood songs Alaina attempted duringSseason 10 of 'American Idol,' this was her best. Perhaps it's because the superstar wasn't standing next to her that she was able lean back and give a recklessly wonderful performance of this album cut from Underwood's 'Carnival Ride' album. Beginning with this song, Alaina proved she belonged amongst the finalists.

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    'Trouble,' Elvis Presley

    Air Date: May 11, 2011

    It turns out Scotty McCreery isn't the only one who can do Elvis Presley proud. Alaina showed a wild side fans hadn't yet familiarized themselves with with this song on 'American Idol' when she entered in a gold and black form-fitting dress with black tights. She worked up and down the stage in a way that surely made her grandmother blush, but that's what the song called for and she didn't shy away.

  • 1

    'I Hope You Dance,' Lee Ann Womack

    Air Date: May 18, 2011

    Many felt this was Alaina's strongest vocal performance of the competition. She did a nice job carrying Lee Ann Womack's long phrases through to the end, and held on to her voice until the song's climatic moments. This was the best performance from Alaina's best week on the show, so it deserves top billing on our list of the Top 10 Lauren Alaina Songs From 'American Idol.' It was another great choice by the judges, as the song's mass appeal was sure to keep voters dialing her digits.

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