According to Trace Adkins, he still is an oil rig worker. The famous country singer says he's more defined by the job he used to have than the job he currently has. "‘Rough neck’ defines me good," he said during his episode of 'Day Jobs' on GAC-TV. "What I do now is a hobby that got way out of control and turned into my career, but what served me better than anything was taking the work ethic I learned out here and applied it to that.”

It's dangerous work -- count a busted forehead, an injured leg and a marooning during a hurricane among the worst situations he faced during his years on the rig -- but he loved it. “That’s the only thing I know how to do -- poke holes in the ground," Adkins explains. "I loved it." The singer seems to be a magnet for danger. Off the rig, he took a bullet to the chest and cut off a finger, but he still keeps on singing.