Travis Denning is currently preparing for his wedding to fiancée Madison Montgomery, and in a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul, he shared details about the upcoming nuptials.

Denning shares that he and Madison will be married in May of 2023, and although his groom's party won't bring out any of his fellow country artists, he is sending invitations to a few country music friends.

"I don't even know if anybody's confirmed yet, but I invited [Brothers Osborne's] T.J. and John Osborne," he dishes. "Love those guys so much, and Madison's really close with T.J.'s boyfriend. And I invited Cole Swindell; I've known Cole for so many years, so those are some right there."

"Also, I think John Michael Montgomery will be there," Denning jokes (Montgomery is his fiancée's father).

Although Denning's wedding will most likely be full of some of country music's biggest stars, the singer says Madison isn't planning for any live performances — especially not from anyone within her family.

"She wanted no live music, no live band, she just wants to do DJ," Denning explains. "She's like, 'The last thing I want on my wedding is any of my family members singing.' I said, 'You got it!' She was like, 'I get enough of that as it is. Let's just all hang out.'"

Denning is onboard with his fiancee's no live performance policy. The "After a Few" singer says it's a "dream come true" to be able to simply enjoy the moment and "not have to sing."

Although he won't be performing at his own wedding, his and Madison's story is making its way into his music. In "Buy a Girl a Drink," a track from his Might as Well Be Me EP, Denning sings about how the simple act of buying a drink can spark a love story.

The song takes inspiration from the first time he and Madison met at Loser's Bar in Nashville in June of 2018. Denning explains that Madison asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend so she could avoid conversations with other men.

"I was like, 'She likes me. She likes me,'" says Denning. "Then I found out, 'Oh no she doesn't like me,' and then, like, eight months later, we finally started dating."

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