Trea Landon has just cracked a million Spotify streams with his debut single, "A Little Bit," and he's celebrating by giving his fans a surprise new single! Landon's latest, "Ain't No Thang," is set to drop Friday (Oct. 13), but his fans can hear it early via this Taste of Country exclusive.

Landon wrote "Ain't No Thang" with Trent Willmon and Aaron Scherz. The feel-good country track blends electric guitars with an ultra-modern bed track, but the lyrics draw from the classic country influences that he grew up with.

"It ain't no thang, that's just the way we do it when we do it 'round here / I wouldn't change being raised on hellfire, brimstone and ice cold beer / Country song on the radio twangin', barefoot girl on the front porch swingin' / If you don't get it we don't give a dang / Just livin' like we're livin' and it ain't no thang," he sings in the enormously catchy chorus.

Landon's path to success has been an unusual one. He began playing guitar at age 16, and he dabbled in metal before realizing that country music was his true musical destiny. The singer-songwriter moved from his native Georgia to Nashville in 2015, and within weeks he signed a publishing deal with Play It Again Publishing, which is owned by fellow Georgia boy Dallas Davidson, one of Nashville's most influential songwriters and publishers.

Since then Landon's been writing with Davidson, Chris Young and Craig Campbell, and he released his self-titled debut EP on June 9. It wasn't long before "A Little Bit" was added to Spotify's New Boots playlist and Pandora's New Country playlist, and another song, "When I Get There," has been featured on SiriusXM The Highway's On the Horizon program. With the surprise release of "Ain't No Thang," Landon is giving thanks to those who have helped him get this far.

"I wanna give my fans the country music they've been asking for," he says, adding, "Here's to y'all!"

"Ain't No Thang" will be available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, and for download on iTunes on Friday.  For more information about Trea Landon, please visit his official website, or keep up with him via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Listen to Trea Landon, "Ain't No Thang"

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