Trent Harmon can't wait for fans to hear the new music he's been working on. The most recent American Idol winner says he's written four or five songs for his debut album, and one called "On Paper" is really special.

The "There's a Girl" singer tells Taste of Country "On Paper" is the story of a relationship that doesn't seem to work on paper. More specifically, it looks like she's too good for him. "They look at the guy, and they look at the girl and look back at the guy," Harmon says, "and they're like, 'How did he end up with her?'"

Harmon jokes that he can relate to this new song, much like he can his single, "There's a Girl." The Top 40 single finds a guy go to any length to be with his girlfriend. In Harmon's case he got there and was told to turn back around.

"Falling" is a very different kind of song. Harmon's Idol coronation song was penned by Keith Urban, and it shows his sexy side. He says he's definitely game for showing that side again.

"It was so fun to walk out and see him (Urban) mouthing the words to his own song," Harmon says of his performance of the song on the show. "He said, 'That was a really cool moment for me.'"

One other tidbit Harmon shared during his Taste of Country interview? He won a Ford Mustang for winning the show, but he won't drive it fast. The Mississippi kid loves the car, but prefers to keep it slow on the highway.

Trent Harmon Reveals How He Won 'American Idol'

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