Many men would go great lengths for the girl of their dreams, and Trent Harmon is one of them. In his "There's a Girl" video — his first music video — the Season XV American Idol winner drives a car, borrows a bike, hitchhikes and even convinces a motorcycle gang to lend him one of their motorcycles all in hopes of meeting up with a girl.

Harmon penned "There's a Girl" with Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins and it was inspired by a real-life situation for the singer that didn't have a happy ending. After driving for hours to meet his girl, Harmon got there only to learn that she was with her other boyfriend that he didn't know about.

"We decided it was too sad," he tells Taste of Country in a behind-the-scenes clip. "We decided to make it a happy song about all the crazy things you do — you drive 600 miles, you learn to play guitar. It’s just kind of like a testimonial to how crazy they make us and we still don’t care."

Roman White directed the video for "There's a Girl," which was shot on the outskirts of Nashville. "There's a Girl" will be featured on Harmon's debut album for Big Machine Label Group.

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