Trisha Yearwood has shown fans through her Food Network show, 'Trisha's Southern Kitchen,' that she enjoys cooking healthy meals for her family. The star dishes on how she maintains a healthy eating lifestyle -- even when things get busy -- in a new cover issue of Woman's Day.

Since Yearwood has decided to join husband Garth Brooks on his world tour, the couple's household is going to get even busier, if you can imagine that. They only have one child left at home, but with their crazy upcoming tour schedule and lifestyle, it's hard to maintain a healthy routine.

“First of all, we’re musicians, so there’s no ‘routine.’ All those years of three girls and their activities? Even with only one still at home, there are a million things going on every night," Yearwood says in Woman's Day. "Taylor and August are in college now, but they live nearby, and if I send out a text that says, ‘Hey, it’s veggie night,’ they’ll show up. They know it means I’m roasting all their favorite vegetables and probably serving a meat loaf, too."

Despite not having a normal daily schedule, Yearwood believes there is great importance in eating meals as a family, so she tries to get everyone together when she can.

“I’m always fighting hard to make sure family meals don’t get lost in the shuffle, because cooking for the kids means I have one more dinner at home with them," the singer shares. "We’re all so busy these days that sometimes the family meal gets shortchanged. But food is what brings us together. These girls are growing up and who knows where we’re all going to land, so we need to make that time now. Having all of us under one roof? That’s like heaven."

But Yearwood knows that if there's one dish that will bring everyone to the table, it's her famous chili.

“I came up with this one because Garth loved his mom’s chili, and I didn’t want to get it wrong. So I decided to make a completely new recipe rather than mess with her classic. I can throw this one together on a weeknight," Yearwood spills. "I put in black beans, plus a can of refried beans, which makes it thick the way he likes it, but doesn’t require a lot of simmering to get that consistency."

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