Trisha Yearwood is bringing her cooking from the TV straight to your kitchen with her new cookbook. This cookbook, her third, focuses on the lighter side of food.

Yearwood knows her way around in the kitchen. She's already got two cookbooks under her belt, 'Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen' and 'Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood,' and she has her own show on the Food Network called 'Trisha's Southern Kitchen.' Now she's ready to release cookbook No. 3.

'Trisha’s Table: My Feel-Good Favorites for a Balanced Life' will include recipes like dairy-free angel hair pasta with avocado pesto and vegetarian smashed sweet pea burgers. The cookbook will be released on March 31, but is available for pre-order online.

"I still agree with the famous quote ‘everything in moderation, including moderation,’" she explains. "But I have adopted an 80/20 rule when it comes to my delicate relationship with food: 80 percent of the time I make good choices; 20 percent of the time I let myself splurge a little.”

Some of her splurge recipes include slow cooker Georgia pulled pork barbecue, chicken tortilla casserole and chocolate chip cookie dough balls. Yearwood admits that although she tries to eat healthier, she won't give up food.

"This girl likes food! I am not one of those people who gets so busy with my day that I suddenly think to myself, 'Wow, I forgot to eat lunch!' That never happens to me. Never. I think about food all the time, so making peace with eating is a daily battle for me. I won’t say I’ve completely figured it out, but I will say that right now, I win that battle more days than I lose it, and I believe that’s the key.”

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