From the start, Tyler Farr's first-ever appearance at WE Fest set the bar high and made Day 2 one to remember.

A light show began flashing and Farr's band appeared from behind wooden partitions set up onstage. Then, Farr showed up. The intensity of fans' screams was probably heard throughout Minnesota when he walked out.

"Y'all ready to party your a-- off or not there?" he bellowed. "This is what I look forward to every day when I wake up ... this is the best part of my day."

"Ain't Even Drinkin'" started the party and Farr roamed the stage, standing on speakers and aiming his mic at the crowd. "Ain'’t even drinkin' but I’'m buzzing baby / Ain'’t even smoking but I’'m so stoned," he sang.

When Farr grabbed his acoustic guitar and remarked that "This song is proudly endorsed by spring water and whiskey," everyone knew what he was talking about. He played "Whiskey in My Water" followed by "Bet Your Ass" and then began speaking earnestly about something close to his heart. "There's a very important group of people ... We love our military men and women." Farr had military members raise their hands and thanked them for all his efforts, mentioning various USO and military tours he'd been on.

He then began getting the crowd even more riled up — after all, he said, Dierks Bentley told him to: "Dierks told me if I didn't get you screaming he was gonna fire me." After several rocking songs, Farr noticed some fans in the audience that were more than a little festive, so he invited them onstage. The group of friends included GI Joes (and Janes), police, and fans in Indian headdress. They danced and sang while the country singer performed, and afterward, he said, "Give it up for my dancers." Then he looked at one of the fans wearing a wallet chain, saying, "He's got a bigger wallet chain than Florida Georgia Line."

Farr performed several hits including his new single "Better in Boots," as well as "Withdrawals" before his drummer played a massive solo complete with a light show.

The 31-year-old had a ton of fun onstage, bantering with fans, jumping down to lower levels of the stage and even joking, "I can't shake it — my a-- is too big." With that, Farr bid the fans goodnight and then added, "Oh yeah, I forgot about this one." When the first notes of "Redneck Crazy" hit, fans rushed the stage and it was a grand finale to a great show.

Tickets to WE Fest 2016 are already on sale right here.

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