If you gave Miranda Lambert a beard and dark hair and outfitted her in camouflage (OK, even more camouflage), you'd have Tyler Farr. The singer has a one-of-a-kind voice that he uses to tell songs that are a little crazy -- 'Redneck Crazy,' in this case.

His new single lacks warmth or jest, though. The performance is sincere, as if Farr had recently been the crazy ex-boyfriend that is the star of the song. We learn more about the two lovers in the window than we do the man in pain. Their white-hot love hardly nourishes one's soul.

"I'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows / Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows / I didn't come here to start a fight / But I'm up for anything tonight / You know you broke the wrong heart baby / And drove me redneck crazy," Farr sings on 'Redneck Crazy,' his third single since signing with Sony Nashville.

One expects a song with such a name to be a little more fun, but predictable country rock ballad production holds the three-and-a-half minute cut back. "Wish I knew how long it's been going on / How long you been getting some on the side / No, he can't amount to much but the look at that little truck / Well he won't be getting any sleep tonight," Farr adds during the second verse.

On 'Hot Mess' -- and especially 'Hello Goodbye' and 'Redneck Crazy' -- Farr has proven he's a talented vocalist willing to spread generous amounts of emotion on every song he touches. An open heart will serve him well, but he's let down by an ordinary lyric and unexceptional arrangement on this new song.

2.5 Stars

Listen to Tyler Farr, 'Redneck Crazy'

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