Tyler Hubbard is highlighting another track from his debut solo EP, Dancin' in the Country, and this time, it's the jovial "Everybody Needs a Bar." The former Florida Georgia Line hitmaker released a fun-loving music video to go along with the track on Friday (Sept. 9).

Hubbard co-wrote the song with Jordan Schmidt and Zachary Kale, and it centers around the need for everyone to have a go-to bar where they can drink some beer, throw some darts and decompress on "Friday at 5:01." Throughout the song, he describes this perfect hometown bar and stresses the importance of finding such a place by comparing it to a "cornfield" that "needs rain," a "pickup" that "needs gas" and other examples.

"Yeah, everybody needs a bar / A spot that they can go / A band they wanna hear / And a beer they wanna hold / A dart that they can throw / Some s--t that they can shoot / Everybody's got a friend when you sittin' on a stool," he sings in the chorus.

The song's instrumentation echoes the lighthearted lyrics, as rhythmic guitars, banjo, honky-tonk-influenced piano and other elements help drive the message home.

The song's "unofficial" music video is just as fun as the song itself. It finds Hubbard opening a bar in a backyard garage called "Everybody's Bar." He and his band begin to perform the song inside the garage bar, and little by little, the neighbors start to show up. A man watering his lawn and a suited-up businessman are the first to drop everything to join the party, and soon, a crowd of people are enjoying a fun night at Hubbard's bar.

The singer switches between performer and bartender while the fun ensues, and the party is in danger of ending when a disgruntled-looking woman shows up. Her tune changes, however, when she is handed a margarita.

Hubbard shared his excitement for the release of the video on social media, writing, "Everybody should have a place — their own version of a bar — to go where they feel a sense of welcoming and belonging. I think we were able to create that vibe in this video. It’s Friday at 5:01 somewhere, so cheers to y’all and I hope you enjoy the video."

The song about everyone's favorite "local watering hole" continues to play over the fun music video. At the end, Hubbard sends shoutouts to artist-owned Nashville bars, including his own, and pitches an idea for a bar Carrie Underwood could open.

"Yeah, these days we got Luke Bryan's, Aldean's, FGL's on 3rd / Blake's got Ole Red, Whiskey Row, that's Dierks' / Yeah, ol' Kid Rock's Honky Tonk, Casa Rosa's good / Carrie ought to open Carrieoke Underwood / 'Cause everybody needs a bar / Everybody needs a bar," he sings.

Dancin' in the Country dropped on Aug. 19 and features six tracks, including Hubbard's current solo single, "5 Foot 9."

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